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Hey People

Hey you guys I am new here and I just wanna say hey and I love Nikki Reed. She is such a good actress and she is so beautiful and her story is so inspiring, like if she could get through all that at such a young age then I can get through anything. Ummm...some stuff aboot me...I just turned 15 last Friday...I live in California...I play tennis...I have a bad eating disorder that could do without stigma. So I just wanna say hey and if you wanna talk I am around almost all the time because I don't go to school. Laterz.
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i'm sorry to hear you have an eating disorder =[. yes, i dealt with 2 of the things Nikki had gone thorough.
wow. didn't know that there were so many communities here
im not LYING: nikki reed used to live two doors down from me . she used to come over to my house all the time and swim in my pool. we were best friends. i went to her mom's backyard to get my haircut, and played with her all the time until she moved away. i dont even know if she remembers me anymore, but it's amazing how she is a big movie star now, and i wish her all the best! keep on supporting my (former) buddy!
Hey , Im ellie, i have and ED too- IM me anytime if ud like to talk - beautfiulXteri0r